Welcome, and thank you for visiting!

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me. I try to wear many hats, and you’ll notice this blog does too. I wrote a mission statement a few years ago that I find is still applicable in my life, especially when it comes to keeping a personal blog.

I am enduring and powerful. I will be genuine, confident and congruent. I will utilize healthy and creative solutions to all of my problems. I will strive to use every experience as a chance to look inside of myself and others.

Mission statements are not made to reflect your current state of being but to reflect a realistic and achievable goal for yourself. I hope this blog helps give me confidence, but also give me the tools in which to better use that confidence. I hope that I can examine the world that I readily and hungrily digest in a way that is not harmful. I want to be able to critique the things that I love to point out the harmful or disruptive things in our culture so that myself and others can be aware of problematic writing and entertainment and do better.

Thank you for your time, don’t worry too much about what you find here, it’s only media, darling!

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